Sandre R Swanson, Democratic candidate for California State Senate, 7th District, putting Kids and Families first

Putting Kids and Families First

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How You Can Help

Your help with the campaign is very much appreciated in advance.  First, please encourage your family and friends to join you and vote on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, in the primary election for Sandré R. Swanson for California State Senate 7th District.  There is a myriad of ways you can give your time to the campaign.  Host a fundraising event or a "Meet your Neighbors" event in your home for Sandré.

You may want to help with phone calls, distribute campaign literature or deliver a lawn sign to a neighbor.  You may have time to help us at a street fair or festival table by distributing campaign signs and literature.  You can wear a campaign t‐shirt or button to spread the word.  Any amount of your time is very valuable to the campaign and we appreciate it.  Please review the form below and check your preferences.

Thank you for joining our winning campaign.

Sandré R Swanson for State Senate 2024 Committee

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